Sille and stuff! [ALSO WHO WANTS A VOICE ACTOR?]

2013-04-27 01:01:50 by phatboi15

Hey hey guys! What's up? How ya doin'? Good... I don't care :D.

Anyway's My buddy Victor Karlsson has released the first episode of his new series Sille.

I play Morsius Flack, that Duck guy on the TV that you watch every day...



ANYWAYS! I plan to actually try to make more videos [or audio clips] and put them up on either YouTube or tumblr.

What I'm going to try to do is do do some Reviews, Rants or even my opinions on some things, so if you're interested in hearing a shouty guy's two cents about things, feel free to drop a comment here or even on my Ask Box at tumblr.

Also, I plan to make a Spring/Summer demo reel soon. Bleh!


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